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Sefas solutions allow you to optimise your document production easily, giving you greater flexibility to create and manage your document templates for multichannel delivery. You can improve the relevance of your communications and ensure full integrity, while controlling your brand and reducing operating costs.



The unique capabilities of Designer bring together four key components for simple, effective management of the entire communication design process - composition, interactive composition, document re-engineering and production optimisation - in a single, intuitive, interactive and modular document workshop.



Access Automated Document factory (ADF) capabilities from across your enterprise.

Producer enables you to:

  • Manage and coordinate your existing production resources (regardless of the manufacturer)
  • Automate workflow sequencing
  • Monitor fulfilment in document-level detail


Producer brings reality to your customer communication and relationship strategy plans by managing output and channels through detailed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that drive the delivery processes and quality levels.



Designed to facilitate collaborative working between everyone in your organisation who contributes to communication with your customers. Preconfigured with simplified web interfaces, Express solutions can be run either independently or in addition to HCS solutions, and because they use SaaS (Software as a Service) technology you can quickly and easily access the most advanced technologies available for managing customer communications.



Eliminates hidden costs and gain savings of up to 60% when sending office mail from your desktop.

HubMail is Sefas’ Hybrid Mail solution that offers a simple, cost effective solution to consolidate traditional mail from any desktop application. Instead of being printed locally on desktop printers and manually processed, documents are aggregated and securely transmitted to a centralised production facility for printing, inserting and delivery.



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