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Sefas - helping to support your business needs

For almost 25 years, Sefas has helped clients improve their ability to communicate with their customers - using Sefas's HCS technology to raise acquisition and retention rates, increase revenues, save costs and enable new ways of communicating.

Sefas provides solutions that support a wide range of business needs - improving operational performance, ensuring adherence to integrity / compliance standards, enhancing the quality of communication, adding capability to use multi-channel communication, developing more personalised and interactive correspondence, and helping to build brand consistency.


Ten ways Sefas supports clients’ business needs:

     1.    Reducing costs

     2.    Managing legacy applications - output convergence and standardised production

     3.    Personalising content - TransPromotional communication

     4.    Improving document production processes - Automated Document Factory  (ADF)

     5.    Enabling multi-channel/best-channel communication - responding faster to customers

     6.    Productivity gains - allowing staff to focus on core activities

     7.    Ensuring content control and brand integrity

     8.    Meeting audit and compliance standards and enabling accurate cost re-allocation

     9.    Hybrid Mail - centralising production

     10.  Asset utilisation and optimisation of hardware investments

We recognise that every organisation is unique, which is why we take a flexible and adaptable approach to business. This approach is reflected in the modularity and scalability of our solutions, so we can meet the business needs of smaller application-specific projects, through to the enterprise-wide requirements of the largest consumer-orientated (B2C or G2C) organisations.

Sefas solutions allow users to create, transform and enhance customer-facing documents across multiple channels - including print, email and SMS - with real-time tracking and interactive management. Our solutions help our clients to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve the effectiveness of customer-facing information
  • Control brand
  • Enable stronger adherence to regulations
  • Build multi-channel communications


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